Markhor Shipping is a LEADING provider in logistics and foreign trade services.

At Markhor Shipping, as a company specialized in maritime freight transport, we offer you the best services to import or export your goods.

  • We control the supply chain of goods and services. The exchange that exists between two nations when exporting (selling) and importing (buying) their products are what we call “foreign trade,” promoting commercialization between countries generating agreements of cooperation between the parties to promote commercial relations and sign projects framed in the good of the community.
  • We have a human capital of highly qualified professionals with absolute dominance in their foreign trade operations, customs management, imports, exports, special regimes, transportation, national and international cargo logistics.
  • We have administrative offices strategically located in the country’s main cities, which allow us to carry out our activities in the shortest time and at the same time. We provide faster responses to your requirements.

How We Work

Markhor Shipping: maritime freight transport:

Markhor Shipping specializes in the maritime transportation of goods controls. Before setting sail, we must know what type of ship needs the cargo we want to transport and what conditions it must meet to ensure that it arrives in good condition. Next, we share:

Know the types of ships for maritime transport:

The size of the cargo, weight, and characteristics determine the type of ship and its capacity. We distinguish between bulk carriers, ideal for solid goods, such as minerals, container ships, oil tankers, and refrigerators. We cannot forget either the ferries, the boats used to transport between ports in the same country, or barges, perfect for coast-to-coast transportation without the need for ports.

Temperature control in maritime transport operations:

When a perishable cargo is to be transported, that is, food, it is important to regulate the temperature inside and keep it constant properly. In this case, for example, a reefer ship is best.

What Do Our International Transportation Services Include?

At Markhor Shipping, we are freight forwarders who provide services in the international transport of goods. This shipment can be made by road, by plane or by sea. For this reason, when looking for a company specialized in maritime freight transport, many clients come to tell us about their case and request a personalized solution. Our main objective is that commercial operations come to fruition and in the desired conditions. To do this, we take care of a series of actions:

  • We coordinate the transport insurance formalities by hiring the appropriate policies at all times.
  • We have our warehouses where we store the merchandise and from which we distribute.
  • We supervise the execution of international and multimodal transport.
  • We are responsible for the contracting of international transport in the conditions that you have agreed with your client.
  • We carry out studies on the itinerary and the means of transport to be used. We also prepare the drafting of the necessary transport contracts.
  • We collaborate in selecting the type of packaging according to the characteristics of the merchandise, the handling it must endure, and the means of transport that will be used. We deem in all this to guarantee the safety of the merchandise
  • We manage customs procedures in collaboration with their representatives, subsidiaries, or branches in different locations.

In a nutshell, we are the link between the exporter or importer and the transport companies. At Markhor Shipping, we help you with transport so that your business grows as you want.

Our advice

Shipping is fast and cheap. However, if you want to ship even faster without feeling too heavy in your pocket, a combination of shipping and air shipping is best. This modality would consist of boat and plane tours, from port to airport and vice versa.

One Last Variable: The Price.

As in any transport, the price of transport varies depending on multiple conditions and causes. All the factors mentioned above influence: the type of ship, the type of cargo, its weight, and its size. But, in addition, we also address and specify all questions and queries to set the service price. Ask for the type of container and its dimensions, the incoterms of the time that the trip lasts.